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2K Games Duke Nukem Forever (Xbox 360)

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The king is back and ready for action

Product Information

Duke Nukem Forever is pure, unadulterated fun as alien hordes steal Earth's women and learn that nothing stands between Duke and his babes.  Duke has been on hiatus for some time now, kicking back and enjoying himself on the fame he gained from saving Earth from the first invasion.  The Aliens have returned to Earth yet again, and Duke won't stand for it.  As Duke battles his way through waves of aliens, the once beautiful gambling heaven and Duke Nukem franchise chains are crumbling before his eyes.  It's time to bring the pain.

Product Features
  • Ego, and Then Some - Step into the shoes of Duke Nukem, the steroidal One-Man Army who never fails and always gets the babes.
  • Bust a Gut - Duke pulls no punches.  He does and says the things you are thinking.  Duke's constant stream of hilarious one-liners throughout the game will have gamers rolling.
  • World Interactivity - Spend as much time as you want shooting hoops, lifting weights, playing pinball, pool, air hockey, and slots.
  • Scale and Variety - This game has it all; packed with explosive FPS action, outlandish settings, vehicle driving, and puzzle solving. Gamers will never tire of the endless fun.
  • Multiplayer Like No Other - Duke re-envisions classic modes of play in his own hilarious and humiliating way as you defeats opponents.

  • Players:  1 Player
  • Memory:  2 MB to save game
  • HDTV:  720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Sound:  In-Game Dolby Digital
  • System:  For use only with Xbox 360 systems with "NTSC" designation
  • Xbox LIVE Features:  Online Multiplayer 2-8; Game-Content Download; Leaderboards; Voice

 In available games, paid subscription required for online multiplayer; some features and downloads require additional storage, hardware, and/or fees.  Xbox LIVE requires broadband Internet service, 256 MB or greater memory unit, and parental consent for gamers under 13.